Friday, October 01, 2010

New Blog!

Hi all

The devil's mother has been dormant for the last couple of years and has awakened to a new role - the Angel's Mother! Yes, I have finally succumbed to my natural calling and have settled down to become a doting wife and loving mother. I have the most gorgeous baby and wonderful husband any gal could ask for. So, without further ado, I am ending this devilish era and starting a new blog - please join me in my new adventures as I learn to become "A Mother to Angel Woki"


Monday, November 17, 2008

The craziest, best CD launch EVER!!!

Yes, Torment's CD launch went well, very well, with a BANG! I have the pics, reviews, the dirrrrt, but you will have to wait till tomorrow. Im still suffering, heheh.

Later dudes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reminder: Torment CD Launch 14th November at Rock Domination

Since Im off work tomorrow running around like a headless chicken plus including a much needed gym session (three times this week, wow, impressive hey?) I am going to remind you dingbats right now: Remember Remember the 14th of November. Because why? Because if you dont, I will donner you. OK, I wont, I cant even hurt a fly but I will be very disappointed. This will be an EPIC event, I kid you not.

What am I rambling on about? The Torment CD Launch "Not Your Grandmother's Shoes" at Rock Domination (at the Dome), starting at 19h00. Aptly themed the "Dark Carnival", everyone is encouraged to use their wildest imagination and dress up or down - prizes to be won. The event is also sponsored by Jagermeister, so there will be tons of it flowing around. There will also be tons of stuff on sale, including band merch, lots of drinks specials AND candyfloss and popcorn! Yay!

So here is the line-up with the time slots:

7-7.30 Spire
7.45-8.15 Namuh
8.30-9 Only Forever
9.15-9.45 Fragmented Childen
10-11 Torment
11.15-11h45 11th Hour

R30 bucks entrance or R50 bucks with a CD!!!R50 bucks for a cd normally!First 100 people get a signed copy!!!

OK, Im signing off now, got to finish sewing patches on my ultra cool customised takkies before I nod off. Cheerio. I better see you all there tomorrow night! Keep it metal :)

Carol can go home

My dearest colleague wrote me a simple note this morning saying "Carol can go home" and gave it to my boss. He took one look at it, laughed and walked away. I shook my head in sadness. He just didnt understand.

I knew this was going to be a tough morning the moment I woke up, feeling as if I had just been asleep for 5 minutes. Having spent most of the night dreaming bullshit (it seemed like it was all night, though it could have been a mere few minutes), my mind was in overdrive and feeling restless. I dragged myself to the bathroom and went over all the things I had to do today.

As Im going through that list again right now, I am not even sure I have even accomplished half the things I needed to do today, and Im screwed as Im on leave tomorrow to prepare for Torment's CD launch. The fact that I wished repeatedly that I was in bed, did not help.

I spent a good three hours working on a report that my boss had asked for days ago (not my fault I took so long, I rely on others to source my information) and when I was almost done and wanted to compare to a previous report, I was baffled as to why the previous report's total figures were much higher than the latter one. It took one hour, a coffee break and a few more minutes after that to figure out that the last report was from the last financial year. Obviously figures will be higher. I smacked my forehead and sent out the report, feeling a bit daft but glad I had eventually figured out the problem.

Not even 5 minutes after I had sent it out to my whole team, one of my colleagues congratulated me on a job well done, the report was superb. That was a bee on my bonnet - which flew away a few seconds later when another dear soul came running to tell me that the profit figures were ridiculously inflated. I looked at him in despair and wanted to cry. I just couldnt win. But this time I figured out my problem almost instantly - I had swapped the turnover and profit figures by mistake. I really need to change this blonde hair of mine!

So, as a test, I waited before I re-sent the report to see how many people would pick up my mistake. My dear friend who had congratulated me felt just as blonde as me for not picking it up (heheh and she really is blonde too). Only one other person managed to spot the mistake and called me in a "I-know-it-all" kind of tone and suggested I send the new report "before the boss sees it". But I waited a bit more then sent it out. I still felt like an idiot though.

Ok, enough technical talk, bleh. I spent the rest of the day bombarded with admin, which I just completed. Yes, it was a tough day for Caz who prefers to play on facebook all day. Did I just type that? Noooooo. Yes, I do work hard believe it or not, but I play just as hard, if not harder :)

As the year comes to a close I am feeling weary and in need of some R&R, desperately. Arent I lucky that in 4 weeks Im on leave and off to the coast for a few days? Yay!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Torment's CD Launch - Dark Carnival

If you have nothing to do this Friday night, actually, even if you do, I dont care. Rather drag your ass to Rock Domination at the Dome for Torment's much anticipated album launch, hilariously titled: "Not your Grandmother's Shoes".

The CD includes hits like "Bleed", "Thank You" and my personal favourite "TP2". Its an awesome CD, a must for your CD collection! So come on over this Friday for a party to remember. The theme is dark carnival, so dress up as your favourite circus character/freak. Im a bit terrified at the prospect of seeing so many clowns there, so I will either have to go blindfolded, or just pretend not to see the damned creatures.

Here are the details:
Date: 14 November 2008
Time: 19:00
Venue: Rock Domination, the Coca-Cola Dome
Entrance: R30, R50 with a CD. First 100 are signed.
Line-Up: Torment
Fragmented Children
Only Forever
11th Hour
(actual times will be posted soon).

There will be tons of give-aways, drink specials and merch on sale. Also prizes for the best dressed. AND! Candyfloss and popcorn will be available!!! Yippeeee!!!!! This promises to be the event of the year, so dont miss out!

In the meantime, check this awesome video my talented monkey did. He also did all the artwork on the CD. Im so proud!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All Hallows Eve

This is a bit late, since it is now Guy Fawkes’s Day, but most of you know how much I can procrastinate – though, in my defence, I have been extremely busy these past few days, who would have guessed? Hahahaha.

Anyway, as I mentioned last week, I was really looking forward to Halloween as it promised to be a night full of fun events – and it didn’t fail to disappoint. Itching to get out of work and start the festivities, I left work early and walked to Sandton City before I met Andre at the Sandton Convention Centre for the annual Winex expo. We were disappointed that Monkey couldn’t join us, but we managed to survive with our hardworking man. There’s always next year.

As soon as we entered, we quickly ate a sandwich to line our stomachs then got our wine glass and ventured in for some “serious” wine tasting. For over a year now, I switched from white to red and I don’t think I will even dream of going back to white. We decided to go round the outer walls first and tried almost every wine that looked “interesting” to us i.e. great packaging/advertising, or just good looking people manning the stalls, lol.

In no time we were quite tipsy, but that didn’t stop us. At one stall, we each got a badge for sampling the wine (very yummy and affordable, I think it was called “cafĂ©” – must look out for it in the shops!) and one of the guys was quite daring and insisted on pinning the badge on me. What a flirt. He saw my scared look and eventually settled on pinning it on my bag, hahahaha.

Another stall worth mentioning, of course, is the one with the cocktails. This stall made the most delicious concoctions, with each of their wines: red, white and rose. They also made you sample their red wine, together with a small square of Orange/Dark Lindt chocolate. I almost turned my nose up at the thought, but Im glad I didn’t. That was so delicious!

After an hour, Ferdi and Matt joined us and we hurried through the stalls so they could get their money’s worth before we left for the Halloween gig. We sampled more reds, some fine Klipdrift brandy, and who knows what else. I even sampled some of the sexy winemaker’s wine, who I had met a few days earlier at a work shindig. I wanted to introduce him to Michelle but she was stuck in traffic and decided to give Winex a skip and rather meet us at Party House. What a bummer. 19h00 sharp we raced out of Sandton like a bat out of hell, hitting the back roads so we wouldn’t miss a second of Monkey’s gig. As soon as we got to the Dome, I ran out the car, went into Rock Domination by mistake (where there was tons of food, and creepy old men. Looked like a Jagter’s Vergadering). I quickly left that scene and went into Party House and made a beeline for my man. There he was, setting his guitar, with a green afro on his head. Ahhhh, so cute. I gave him a big, fat kiss then went to mingle with the others and got myself a drink – as if I really needed one!

I was glad that I didn’t miss their performance. It gave me the chance to hear their new songs again, which I only heard once before at Witchfest. I really loved them, and Im not just saying that cause Im sleeping with the guitarist! Hahahaha. I really cant wait for their CD launch. They are going to rock everyone’s socks off.

After that I downed a tequila with Monkey and his sister. I love tequila, but this time I really shouldn’t have, after my hectic wine consumption. Right then and there, I made the wise choice of drinking water for a while, also considering the fact that I was broke! I did accept a few drinks here and there from kind friends, but I don’t think I managed to finish any of them. As soon as I put them down somewhere, I kind of forgot about them. Uh oh! What’s going on here? Lol

In between running around like a maniac, chatting to people and trying to keep my head screwed on straight, I watched a bit of Warthane, and Chromium. Ferdi and Andre had a fun time having their faces painted by Michelle. Here is some of the scary evidence:

I had a good laugh while we were watching Chromium. First up, Ferdi comes and tells me that him and Basti brushed Chromium’s hair before they went on stage. So I went nearer to check their handiwork, and yip, they looked very “coiffed” for a change! Hahahaha. (this was also Adrian’s, the bassist, last gig with Chromium – very sad, he will be missed!). Then, while chatting with Monkey and Princess Pretzel, a certain band member’s ex, clearly a bit intoxicated, approached us, and practically wanted to jump my bones! I was quite chuffed that she thought I was hot, it even boosted my confidence quite a few notches, but um, no! Monkey thought it was hilarious though. Heheheh, naughty bugger.

Since we were on the bike, we had to leave before it turned into a pumpkin. It was quite a risk, I was in no condition to ride with him but I tried my best to remain alert, even though I bumped Monkey’s helmet several times! He counted – 9 times, and still doesn’t let me forget it. We thought it was funny, but ja, don’t think we will be chancing it again.

This was surely a preview for the CD launch, which is happening next week Friday, same venue, on the 14th of November. The theme is “Dark Carnival” so everyone’s is encouraged to dress up (or down, whichever you prefer, heheh). Monkey and I already picked out our gear. If you want to see what we will be going as, come down for a most excellent party, and join us!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, you dark creatures!

Trick or Treat!

Definitely a treat for me tonight. Firstly, Im off to Winex at the Sandton Convention Centre for two hours of wine indulgence, then we rush off to the Dome, specifically Rock Domination, for a Halloween Party of note! If you havent got anything to do, get your asses there. Its free entrance, and there's an awesome line-up of bands:

18:45 - Gadabout
19:30 - Torment
20:15 - Warthane
21:00 - Visus
21:45 - Knave
22:30 - Chromium
23:15 - Hell To Pay
00:00 - Pragmatic Death Protocol

And best dressed wins a R500 bar tab. Schweet!

I wont be dressing up, as the Devil's mother is already appropriately kitted out, heheh.

Happy Halloween dudes!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To all the self-righteous bigoted Christians out there

Before I go on, let me be clear about something: I am a Christian, AND a metal-head. Yes, you can be both, and there are many like me out there. Many Christians have this misconception that people that listen to metal, worship the devil and are just pure evil. How wrong they are. We do not go round with Samurai swords on our backs, slashing people’s throats. But I’m not going to discuss that now, that has been done to death – excuse the pun.

I am just so sick and tired of these bigots butting their noses into things that they really don’t know much about or understand. What I am referring to, is the upcoming Devildriver concert that is supposed to be taking place next week, November 1, at Oppidam. Some morons decided that because the band has the word “Devil” in its name, ultimately it must be evil and therefore cannot possibly be allowed to perform its satanic rituals in our shores. Little do they know that Devildriver actually refers to bells that are used to fend off evil spirits. If only they had done a little bit of research before they got their panties in a knot. Just because they scream, have long hair, headbang and indulge in mosh pits DOES NOT make them satanic, you stupid little twits.

So that led to the show being cancelled at this venue, after these ignoramuses (yes, I am going to keep on calling them names) bombarded the venue to cancel this “abomination”. I just shake my head at this and sigh. They will never understand. In fact, I dare them to go and read some of Devildriver's lyrics. Come on, do it, you just might be surprised.

You may have succeeded here, but know this – the show will go on. Even if they have to play in my tiny back yard, Devildriver will still play! In fact, as Im typing this, I have just read that another venue has been found. So hahahahaha, you jerks (I was gonna type something nastier, but hey Im not that mean).
Up yours!