Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carol can go home

My dearest colleague wrote me a simple note this morning saying "Carol can go home" and gave it to my boss. He took one look at it, laughed and walked away. I shook my head in sadness. He just didnt understand.

I knew this was going to be a tough morning the moment I woke up, feeling as if I had just been asleep for 5 minutes. Having spent most of the night dreaming bullshit (it seemed like it was all night, though it could have been a mere few minutes), my mind was in overdrive and feeling restless. I dragged myself to the bathroom and went over all the things I had to do today.

As Im going through that list again right now, I am not even sure I have even accomplished half the things I needed to do today, and Im screwed as Im on leave tomorrow to prepare for Torment's CD launch. The fact that I wished repeatedly that I was in bed, did not help.

I spent a good three hours working on a report that my boss had asked for days ago (not my fault I took so long, I rely on others to source my information) and when I was almost done and wanted to compare to a previous report, I was baffled as to why the previous report's total figures were much higher than the latter one. It took one hour, a coffee break and a few more minutes after that to figure out that the last report was from the last financial year. Obviously figures will be higher. I smacked my forehead and sent out the report, feeling a bit daft but glad I had eventually figured out the problem.

Not even 5 minutes after I had sent it out to my whole team, one of my colleagues congratulated me on a job well done, the report was superb. That was a bee on my bonnet - which flew away a few seconds later when another dear soul came running to tell me that the profit figures were ridiculously inflated. I looked at him in despair and wanted to cry. I just couldnt win. But this time I figured out my problem almost instantly - I had swapped the turnover and profit figures by mistake. I really need to change this blonde hair of mine!

So, as a test, I waited before I re-sent the report to see how many people would pick up my mistake. My dear friend who had congratulated me felt just as blonde as me for not picking it up (heheh and she really is blonde too). Only one other person managed to spot the mistake and called me in a "I-know-it-all" kind of tone and suggested I send the new report "before the boss sees it". But I waited a bit more then sent it out. I still felt like an idiot though.

Ok, enough technical talk, bleh. I spent the rest of the day bombarded with admin, which I just completed. Yes, it was a tough day for Caz who prefers to play on facebook all day. Did I just type that? Noooooo. Yes, I do work hard believe it or not, but I play just as hard, if not harder :)

As the year comes to a close I am feeling weary and in need of some R&R, desperately. Arent I lucky that in 4 weeks Im on leave and off to the coast for a few days? Yay!

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Anonymous said...

You think that was a bad day. On Tuesday after a thunder storm, my satalite stopped working, still got no tele even now. Roof started leaking,my phone went dead as well as my ADSL line which thankfully I got back today.My pool pump also due to the storm just stopped working as well.Top it all off my sister informs me that she gave me the wrong bank details for a FOREX transaction I had already done earlier in the day. The most awful day of the year thus far.

By the way keep the blonde hair it suits you and look hotter as a blonde. But hey that is just me.