Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long weekend here I come. Carcass, Witchfest, oh YEAH BABY!!!

A speedy recovery from last week's op was imperative, because tomorrow begins a long weekend of note, PARTY!
Being a public holiday tomorrow, I decided to take off Thursday and Friday off as well - I had to, anyway, as we are trekking down to KZN for the Witchfest rock festival. Then I thought, might as well take Monday and Tuesday too! Will need it to recover!!!

This afternoon is DRAGGING (note my frustration by the repetitive use of CAPS). Coming back to work yesterday was a total bitch yesterday, having to catch up with over a week's work. So I have worked non-stop, even took work home last night and poured over it till the wee hours, and now I have managed to complete everything with 2 hours to spare. Oh the boredom! One of my friends actually asked me earlier if I had been crying. Oh hell no, its just that my eyes are red and watery from staring at my screens all day!!!

So what does this long weekend have in store for me? Well, tomorrow we are off to a braai to celebrate Uwe's new place. Cant get too hectic as I need to pack for Witchfest. Monkey and I leave early Thursday morning, with my dear old Fritz. Not too sure who are final passengers will be, it changes all the time. We are off to Southern Cross in Mooirivier, several hours drive, so Im sure I will get to drive as well.

That's three and a half days of hardcore music. Monkey and the Torment boys will be playing on Thursday night, along with my other fave boys and gal from Fragmented Children. Its bound to be kickass, since Torment has been practising very hard and will be adding a few new things to their line-up - CANT WAIT!

The rest of the line-up is just as amazing, the main event being of course, the reunion of UK band Carcass. I have never seen them before and dont know their music too well, but Im listening to their Heartwork CD right now which Monkey kindly copied for me. It's one of his fave bands so he is more than excited about seeing them live.

Four days of camping should get rough, I hope it doesnt rain and that the weather is just awesome. We return on Sunday, so once I have recovered, I will give a full round-up here and post some pics. I know Im gonna get trigger happy!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forever Young Pics

As promised, here are some pics from the party last week:

My wisdom is now gone

Whatever little wisdom I had left, was ripped away from my bleeding gums on a sullen, Monday afternoon. Been a proscrastinator in almost every aspect of my life, I hung on to my 4 little Wisdom teeth for as long as I could, until common sense, two dentists and a surgeon told me that it was time to let go and say goodbye.

I went to see the surgeon last Friday afternoon, and knowing what was coming, I booked for the very next available surgery date, which happened to be Monday afternoon. I decided right there and then to go for it, how very unlike me. I definitely was not looking forward to the pain and sucking liquids via a straw.

Monday morning I woke up with a feeling of dread going right to my stomach. I treasured the toast and egg that I had for breakfast before the deadline of no food/liquid was up. This was my last proper meal. What I'd give to eat juicy ribs right now!!!

Dearly beloved Monkey took me shopping before driving me to the hospital and forever remaining at my bedside. He definitely soothed me quite a bit, even though we didnt talk much - he worked on his laptop while I read. But an hour before I was due to be taken to the gallows, I could not read anymore and engaged Monkey into mindless chatter to hide the fact that the nurses were late in coming to fetch me.

Eventually they arrived and even though I looked calm, inside I was needlessly worrying and thinking of every ridiculous thing that could go wrong. Really, why was I being such a drama queen? This was just a standard, minor procedure.

Unfortunately I was forced to wait outside the theatre, in my ugly gown, incredibly sexy underwear and headgear and ever-increasing nerves for over 30 minutes. I tried to catch a few zzzs but even that was impossible. After a few false starts, I was wheeled into theatre by my anaesthesist, and there was the sweet little old surgeon waiting for me. He was smiling sweetly at me asking me if I was ok. All my paranoid mind could register then was an evil old man grinning at me sadistically, out to get my blood and precious teeth.

I was aware of everything around me, even when the anaesthesist inserted a needle in my arm and popped a vein. Well, that didnt go well. Again, I was cool, calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside I was thinking, "if he can fuck this up, what else will he fuck up when Im under?" That and another 10 000 other crazy thoughts. But he got it right second time around, and in a few seconds I forgot the stinging pain in my arm and was out into the land of oblivion.

Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room, with a mouth swollen 3x times its regular size, and not been able to talk at all. A few minutes later a huge piece of gauze was removed from inside my mouth and I could at least utter a few words. Aaah. I felt only a slight pain, but mostly discomfort at not being able to move my jaw around much, and feeling my bottom lip expanding to huge proportions.

I was then taken back to my ward, and there was Monkey waiting for me ever so patiently. He told me that I had been away for more than 2 hours. Hard to believe since to me it only felt like 30-40 minutes. By then I was almost fully conscious and gratefully took the two ice packs that the nurse handed me and put them on my face. All I wanted was my pain meds and to go home asap. Monkey then told me that out the three patients that had their wisdom teeth removed today, I came out the best. One was sleeping the whole time and the other started screaming and throwing things around like a spoilt brat. So Im not a drama queen after all :)

We waited a bit longer while the nurses brought me some yoghurt (and some grossly looking jelly with custard - that was left untouched), and my meds. I was then discharged and ready to go home. I was rather quiet on the way, as I could barely talk and felt more sleepy by the minute. Monkey took me home, carried my stuff upstairs and left while I sorted myself out. In a few minutes I was tucked in bed and ready to sleep. Only I couldnt sleep. I was up all night spitting out blood in a bucket next to me, and crying silently as the pain in my mouth and jaw increased exponentially.

At 3am I gave up, switched on my bedroom lights and read a book for a while until even that seemed impossible so I just sat on my bed and waited for daylight. At 5am my mom came to check on me and brought me some yoghurt so I could take my painkillers afterwards. Eventually the drugs kicked in and the pain subsided. And its been like that ever since. I look like a lopsided chipmunk, as the swelling is worse on the right side, as those teeth were the hardest to remove. But I am healing nicely, even though I still cant eat solids yet, its so hard to chew. If I have to eat another bowl of yoghurt or custard, Im going to hurl!!!

Cant wait for this nightmare to end.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forever Young

Being so busy at work keeps me from updating this blog on a regular basis, plus being on leave and courses adds to the drama. But all work and no play is just not on, so yesterday afternoon we got treated to our annual Spring party here at work. This year's theme was "Forever Young" (Im sure you could imagine Ferdi's laughter at hearing this). So we were all encouraged to dress up using our wildest imagination.

Normally I shy away from dressing up, later regretting it as I see all the clever ideas people come up with. So this time, my evil partner in crime, Liesel, and I decided to be a little more creative. We spent quite some time getting dressed up at her house while her adorable little kids watched, so we were quite late for the party, though just in time for speeches. After changing our minds several times while getting dressed, we eventually decided on shorts, bright tights underneath (Liesel in pink, me in purple), top, pigtails, ribbons, hairclips and drawn on freckles. We looked like two overgrown kids trying on their mothers' clothes, heheheh. As soon as I get some pics, I will post them here.

As props we used the big lollypops we got at work that morning, and I carried Mumble my penguin that was given to me by Monkey, quite tightly, refusing to let anyone touch him. As we arrived, to our horror we realised that no one else had bothered to dress up!!!! WTF??!!! Normally quite a handful of people go out, but this time, either people were still in their work clothes, or donned in more comfortable shorts, tshirts and slops. Nothing more wacky than that. Well, I quickly turned our horror into something positive - we definitely stood out, and received a lot of compliments for our outfits and making an effort!

After the speeches were over, we got some drinks and mingled, looking at all the fun activities that we could participate in. The organisers definitely went all out for this one! We had trampolines, jumping castles, air robot duelling (this was cool, more on this later!), a tattoo parlour (henna only, duh), a foam party section, karaoke, a cocktail bar, a coffee bar, and much more! I didnt know how I was going to fit in everything in one evening!

We soon ditched the regular drinks and started to sample the yummy inventive cocktails created by "Thirst". We soon made friends with one of the barmen, Daniel, who started us off with a strange but extremely delicious cocktail that contained tequila (quite a bit, I might add), caramel, pineapple juice and ginger ale. Hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm. I think I must have downed several that evening as I came back running for more regularly. It was quite a change from our regular Strawberry Daiquiris and Mojitos.

Next, we were suckered into doing a team karaoke effort. We had 3 mics between 10 of us, and somehow one of them got shoved in front of my face as soon as the rest heard me sing the first few lines of "Summer of 69". Feck, I didnt know I was that good. Or was I THAT bad? lol. It was fun nonetheless, so much fun that we stuck around and helped the next group sing "I will survice" (again, me with mic).

I really wanted to try out some tattoos (since Im seriously considering getting another real one), so I had one done on my left boob (heheh) - a spider with a skull face, and a string of starts on my ankle. The ankle is a winner, methinks. Well, having a tat on my boob is just tacky. I just did it cause I couldnt be outdone by my boss who had one put there as well. Liesel got one on her back and wrist.

So then more cocktails, dancing, eating, chatting, watching Denim perform on stage, and suddenly the evening was flying by. I was eyeing the foam party section, and promised to enter it before I left. But it was so windy and cold, I was already shivering while dry, and got hit by several foam clouds that got fiercely blown by the wind in our direction.

Eventually I managed to persuade one of the guys to challenge me to a duel on the air robot platform, since Liesel refused. The platform was like a round jumping castle, and both fighters were each helped up by two assistants, and kitted out in a blow-up gigantic robot suit and headgear. As soon as I was in (what a mission!), the suit was inflated and then we were both ready to clobber each other. I felt and looked like a Transformer. Just walking to the middle to meet my opponent was quite a task as I tried to maintain my balance and not fall over (now try doing that after a few cocktails!). First try the guy got me good, and landed on top of me. We were hoisted up and then I got him twice (the last time he said he was going to let me fall on him and let me win, haha what a gentleman). So I won, with a little help and was then helped out of the suit and brought back down to earth. I was dizzy for several seconds before I gulped another cocktail. That was so much fun! Wouldnt mind having one of those in my back garden!

Time was running out, and I really wanted to go into the foam. So after a bit of dancing and prodding, Liesel and I went in there, and danced to the beat of the music. It really felt like we were in a washing machine as only our heads were visible. And thats when the shit hit the fan. As Liesel was doing one of her manoeuvres, her ring slipped out and went flying into oblivion, never to be seen again. We tried in vain to look for it, but gave up after a few minutes. We still havent found it. What a pity.

I was now shivering to death, wet from neck to toe, so I begged Ferdi to fetch me. I was in bed by 11, freezing my butt off even though I was dry and covered by my warm duvet. Its a miracle Im not sick today. But in spite of that, this was one of the best parties I have attended in a very long time. Makes me think how much I miss being a kid!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spring Festival 2008

3 more days to go! I am so stressed I hope everything will go smoothly. Hope to see you all there!!!!!! Dammit.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Armageddon Fest

Yet another gig at Tempos last weekend, and what a busy weekend it was! Having had a long week, I was hesitant to do anything strenuous on Friday night. So, even after Monkey's attempts at getting me to go out and drink cocktails with him, I managed to keep him indoors that night as I dreaded the busy Saturday that awaited us.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, something that I really really loathe to do on a weekend, so that I could make it in time for the work day at church. Its a week to go till our annual Spring Festival, so preparations are fully under way, with me directing the flow once again. Its quite strenuous, I have to admit, and Im seriously considering handing over the baton to someone else next year, though there arent too many willing candidates out there.

So monkey dropped me off while he went to get me a brand spanking new car radio and fitted it to my trusty old Fritz (aka my car). After much dawdling, I got everyone inside the church hall and chaired a meeting to finalise everyone's requirements for next week. It went rather smoothly, so I was quite satisfied. We finished earlier than expected so I had to wait till Monkey finished fitting my car radio. Soon he was back, with music blasting from the car's speakers. Yay!!! I dont have to listen to crappy old 94.7 ANYMORE!

I was in desperate need of sustenance so I was rushed to McDonalds for a much needed McFeast Deluxe, SUPER SIZE. Yes, I was starving. I hadnt eaten anything that day. Only I was made to wait forever for my meal. My mood worsened and by the time I sat down to eat chomp down my food, I was quite cranky. I finished in record time, but felt very very ill afterwards.

We said goodbye to Ferdi, Weasel and Matt and went to the bike shop to get me a new bike jacket (yes, I have been splurging out lately). They had a sale on, and immediately one of the sales guys fitted me out with an awesome, ultra-cool black, silver and white leather jacket. I looked like a real biker chick. Monkey approved and so I bought the jacket. Now I was all kitted out for a serious bike ride (I bought a stunning gold dragon helmet the week before).

We then rushed home for a quick half hour nap before going to Tempos. Just as I was nodding off my alarm went off so no sleep for me. It was my turn to drive Fritz so I nervously drove to Tempos, without any help from Monkey (he even refused to be my eyes when I told him I couldnt see too well with my glasses. Hmmph) but he said it was for my own good and in retrospect, I agree with him - lets hope he doesnt read this! Hahahaha.

I thought we were going to be late, since I took forever to park the car properly, all on my own, but as we went inside, Fragmented Children was just about done with their sound check so all was good. I waved to the guys, got a drink and settled my shaky ass on a table to watch one of my fave bands.

Torment was up next and even though it was a crappy time slot (16:00, hardly any peeps) we still rocked out. Eugene, the bassist was not able to make it, so Monkey, Itai and Wez each took turns at the bass. By now they are getting the hang of it, so it didnt sound too bad.

We hung out at the bar for almost the rest of the day/night, except when we watched Only Forever. I have been wanting to see this band since the beginning of the year and I finally got the chance to listen to them. What an awesome band! And I get to see them once more this Friday at Fragmented Children's EP Launch (of course, Torment will also be playing heheh). Cant wait!

I also watched the Dead Will Tell from a distance. Last band for the evening, these boys know how to rock on stage, ultra tight shorts and all (puts me to shame. Hell, they put any girl to shame! lol). Had I been a bit more alive and enthusiastic, I would have been right in front, headbanging my neck off.

It was a long day, and on our way home, Monkey and I stopped at Steers for some food. Its a bad habit, eating so late, but damn we were starving. Either we have to eat during regular times, or not stay out till so late. Yeah. Right.

Sunday was just as worse. I was meant to get up early to go to church, but I didnt have the strength. So eventually we surfaced and took Fritz home so we could retrieve Susan (aka Monkey's bike) from my house. Again, I drove, and I was proud that I didnt stall once, my driving is really improving! So once at my house, we changed into our bike gear (me all spanking new hee hee) and raced to the Hillfox flea market before we went on a "brunch" run lol.

The wind was quite strong. No scratch that. The wind was f*cking strong, almost blew us both away, but we still managed to land all the way in Magalies for a nice, quiet lunch. I really enjoyed that. But by the time we got home, we were both beat and all we could do was pass out for a looooong nap. Before we knew it, the weekend was over :(

I wish I could say that this coming weekend will be a bit more relaxed and uneventful, but no such luck! FC Launch AND Spring Festival. Eeeeek! Im gonna need to get away soon!