Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reminder: Torment CD Launch 14th November at Rock Domination

Since Im off work tomorrow running around like a headless chicken plus including a much needed gym session (three times this week, wow, impressive hey?) I am going to remind you dingbats right now: Remember Remember the 14th of November. Because why? Because if you dont, I will donner you. OK, I wont, I cant even hurt a fly but I will be very disappointed. This will be an EPIC event, I kid you not.

What am I rambling on about? The Torment CD Launch "Not Your Grandmother's Shoes" at Rock Domination (at the Dome), starting at 19h00. Aptly themed the "Dark Carnival", everyone is encouraged to use their wildest imagination and dress up or down - prizes to be won. The event is also sponsored by Jagermeister, so there will be tons of it flowing around. There will also be tons of stuff on sale, including band merch, lots of drinks specials AND candyfloss and popcorn! Yay!

So here is the line-up with the time slots:

7-7.30 Spire
7.45-8.15 Namuh
8.30-9 Only Forever
9.15-9.45 Fragmented Childen
10-11 Torment
11.15-11h45 11th Hour

R30 bucks entrance or R50 bucks with a CD!!!R50 bucks for a cd normally!First 100 people get a signed copy!!!

OK, Im signing off now, got to finish sewing patches on my ultra cool customised takkies before I nod off. Cheerio. I better see you all there tomorrow night! Keep it metal :)

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could make it tonight but not going to happen. I presume this CD will be on sale soon at most outlets, or is there a site where you can buy it? Like Loot or Take2 perhaps?

Anyway have a good one.