Monday, November 10, 2008

Torment's CD Launch - Dark Carnival

If you have nothing to do this Friday night, actually, even if you do, I dont care. Rather drag your ass to Rock Domination at the Dome for Torment's much anticipated album launch, hilariously titled: "Not your Grandmother's Shoes".

The CD includes hits like "Bleed", "Thank You" and my personal favourite "TP2". Its an awesome CD, a must for your CD collection! So come on over this Friday for a party to remember. The theme is dark carnival, so dress up as your favourite circus character/freak. Im a bit terrified at the prospect of seeing so many clowns there, so I will either have to go blindfolded, or just pretend not to see the damned creatures.

Here are the details:
Date: 14 November 2008
Time: 19:00
Venue: Rock Domination, the Coca-Cola Dome
Entrance: R30, R50 with a CD. First 100 are signed.
Line-Up: Torment
Fragmented Children
Only Forever
11th Hour
(actual times will be posted soon).

There will be tons of give-aways, drink specials and merch on sale. Also prizes for the best dressed. AND! Candyfloss and popcorn will be available!!! Yippeeee!!!!! This promises to be the event of the year, so dont miss out!

In the meantime, check this awesome video my talented monkey did. He also did all the artwork on the CD. Im so proud!


Anonymous said...

F****** awesome! Wish I could go who knows I just might. Perhaps we will see each other dressed up and not even know we once were friends.
Yes I stepped over the line, and I respect your wishes, I wish "some people" would respect mine.I am happy now just to be your blogger fan and that is best. But OMG I have a stalker from school this person,has called everyone on the planet that knows me, even people that hardly know me like people overseas just to get my contact details.She actually calls people overseas how freaky... I think she has contacted you as well? OMG she will not go away! This has been happening for two years now! Calls,emails,calling every Theron in the phone book of Bloemfontein!!!! I kid you not!Bugging people for my number! I am cursed got another email today this time from another one trying to find out info for her as to why I do not want to be friends again just like back in the "old days". Well we have all moved on! Bloody hell I am going to start my own blog she might then just leave me alone...

CaZ said...

Yes she has. Oh well, if you want I can relay the message to her.

Anonymous said...

LOL please do, my sister has, my husband has, my in- laws have so I doubt she will listen to you.

Imagine I called your aunt and insisted on having your number? Or better still called Edgardo (that would be a pleasure,) but you get what I mean.

She may read this blog as well, and wonder why I am so interested in you. Is it not the same thing what I do. Am I not your stalker perhaps?
I say no for the following.

1. I genuinely enjoy your writing and actually think you have what it takes to write a great book someday. So I really do enjoy reading what you write. Your really funny and it makes for great reading.No I am not jealous of you not in the way you think anyway or as I have been accused. I am so happy I see you have found a great guy and I am over the moon for you. I have been lucky too its been the only good thing that has happened to me.

(Your going to be shocked at reason 2)
2. I have slagged you off after the Spenser incident to many people (just like a guy would, I can be a bit like a guy sometimes, sorry) and I will go on record to say why. So Sheila if your reading it was because I was jealous... Not because I wanted Spenser that night but because I wanted Carolina! Spenser was my opportunity and you rejected me as your obviously very straight..Then at the party I felt rejected again and it brought back the resentment. Ok so I have gone online and admitted it so there.

So your blogger fan has gone on record and admitted being bi-sexual
and having had a crush on you since high school.There now "she" can spread the word around to every little old lady looking for gossip in the East Rand! As my favourite Metallica song goes: "So fucking what?"

Berny said...

hectic comments so far.
Great on being so honest!!!!

I cant wait for tonight, I think this CD Launch will be awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Berny,

Sorry for my comments in the past, but at the time I truly did believe my views. My comments were misinformed but they were done out of concern and yes I was jealous.

(Anyway I hope she is not freaked out) she should be flattered I only go for the best.Even she knows that.

Berny said...

No need to say sorry, if your comments were really because you were worried then good, we just knew more of the story and will always do whats best for caz.

Cazzy is a clever lady and she will handle this in her own way.