Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To all the self-righteous bigoted Christians out there

Before I go on, let me be clear about something: I am a Christian, AND a metal-head. Yes, you can be both, and there are many like me out there. Many Christians have this misconception that people that listen to metal, worship the devil and are just pure evil. How wrong they are. We do not go round with Samurai swords on our backs, slashing people’s throats. But I’m not going to discuss that now, that has been done to death – excuse the pun.

I am just so sick and tired of these bigots butting their noses into things that they really don’t know much about or understand. What I am referring to, is the upcoming Devildriver concert that is supposed to be taking place next week, November 1, at Oppidam. Some morons decided that because the band has the word “Devil” in its name, ultimately it must be evil and therefore cannot possibly be allowed to perform its satanic rituals in our shores. Little do they know that Devildriver actually refers to bells that are used to fend off evil spirits. If only they had done a little bit of research before they got their panties in a knot. Just because they scream, have long hair, headbang and indulge in mosh pits DOES NOT make them satanic, you stupid little twits.

So that led to the show being cancelled at this venue, after these ignoramuses (yes, I am going to keep on calling them names) bombarded the venue to cancel this “abomination”. I just shake my head at this and sigh. They will never understand. In fact, I dare them to go and read some of Devildriver's lyrics. Come on, do it, you just might be surprised.

You may have succeeded here, but know this – the show will go on. Even if they have to play in my tiny back yard, Devildriver will still play! In fact, as Im typing this, I have just read that another venue has been found. So hahahahaha, you jerks (I was gonna type something nastier, but hey Im not that mean).
Up yours!


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Anonymous said...

You really pissd off! I. People look for excuses instead of dealing with the real issues. To be frank I think religion in general is really bad but I do believe that every one is free to believe in what they wish. A really good book to read is " The End of Faith- Religion,Terror And The Future of Reason" by Sam Harris a very dishy looking Stanford graduate who makes so much sense about all of this that its scary. Anyway give it a try, you might enjoy it and if he bores you, you can always just look at his picture!